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“Run The World” Interview

“RUN THE WORLD” Interview: Stars, Amber Stevens West & Corbin Reid, sat down to chat with CANDID & DIVERSE’S Sophia Lenore to talk about their new Starzplay’s series – it premieres on May 16th 2021.

“RUN THE WORLD” Interview Summary

During the interview they talk about:

  • their characters on the show
  • what kind of women are they portraying with their characters? and what can we expect from their characters as the season unfolds?
  • the closing scene of the pilot episode when Whitney had a moment of indiscretion. We asked Amber if the scene was a momentary lapse for Whitney? or was it an early sign that Whitney may not be as pulled together as she seems?
  • what we can expect from Corbin’s character “Sondi” as the season unfolds?
  • Corbin’s character “Sondi” and the struggles with her boyfriend Matthew and his 6 year old daughter “Amari”…will the power struggle between “Sondi” and Matthew persist? or is the relation doomed?
"RUN THE WORLD" Interview
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It was wonderful talking to Amber & Carbin about the strong, opinionated and inspiring characters they portray on the new StarzPlay series “Run The World”.

“Run The World” premieres May 16th 2021 on StarzPlay – make sure you tune in to watch!

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