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Boater’s Grill: Waterfront Seafood Restaurant Worth A Trip

Boater’s Grill seafood restaurant allows you to enjoy food & drinks with a beautiful harbor water view; a great destination for a motorcycle or boat trip!

Boater’s Grill restaurant outside view
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

On the one hand Boater’s Grill relaxed atmosphere, delicious food & drinks set you up for a good time. On the other hand, it’s on the pricy side…be prepared to spend $40 + tip for a grilled salmon, rice with beans and a beer.

The restaurant is located inside Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park in Key Biscayne; toll & park admission fees apply. If you come by car you spent $10 ($5 for motorcycle) already before you sit down to enjoy your food & drinks.

Boater’s Grill Is Worth A Trip

Boater’s Grill restaurant building view
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

You can get to Boater’s Grill by boat, car or motorcycle. During weekdays there are fewer people in the park than on the weekends.

The restaurant has indoor / outdoor seating and alongside “No Name Harbor” you’ll find some covered resting areas.

If you are lucky you may even spot some dolphins inside the harbor checking out some anchoring boats.

Boater’s Grill restaurant harbor view
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

Once you made it into the restaurant you’ll notice the outdoor seating is not the most comfortable. There’s definitely room for improvement. 

Some say “you don’t eat the furniture”, true, yet when you get the check you may be used to a different standard…maybe not. 

The fish is delicious and the beer ice cold and after you finished eating there are plenty of shady spots at the harbor to take a nap. 

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