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Jordan Kristine Seamon Post-Photoshoot Interview

Sophia Lenore and The Prestige Magazine catch up with ‘Identity Crisis’ singer & star of HBO’s We Are Who We Are Jordan Kristine Seamon to chat about her new music and film projects.

Watch the ‘We Are Who We Are’ Interview With Jordan Kristine Seamón if you missed it. Take a look at the beautiful shots taken at the Hilton Aventura Miami and enjoy the post-photoshoot interview.

Jordan Kristine Seamon Interview Overview

During the interview they talk about:

– Jordan’s first impressions of Miami and the hotel
– new & upcoming projects
– what’s new with her music

Listen to the album!

Jordan Kristine Seamon Interview

© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

Sophia: Did you enjoy Miami during your visit?

Jordan: I really did! I’ve only been to Miami once, but I can easily say it’s a new favorite of mine.

Sophia: Did you have the chance to see any sights in Miami during your short stay? Or visit any of the huge gorgeous Miami indoor / outdoor malls?

Jordan: Sadly didn’t get a chance to see many sights because I was so busy, but I did get a chance to visit the beautiful Aventura Mall across from the Hilton Aventura Miami hotel and I also had a wonderful experience at the “âme Spa”.

© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

Sophia: How was your experience at Hilton Aventura Miami?

Jordan: I had a really pleasant experience at the Hilton Aventura Miami. The staff was extremely sweet and the food was absolutely delicious, not to mention I slept like a baby in my beautiful room.

© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

The view from the room was absolutely stunning and even though I was in the midst of a very busy photoshoot, I did get a chance to sit in the pool a little.

© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

Sophia: Did you like the hotel’s decor?

Jordan: Absolutely! The decor was absolutely stunning. The art pieces in my room (and all around the hotel) were so beautiful and extremely inspiring.

Hopefully the next time I visit, I’ll be able to get more details about the artists’ inspiration.

Jordan Kristine Seamon at Hilton Aventura Miami
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

Sophia: Did you like the hotel’s service?

Jordan: I absolutely enjoyed the hotel service! It was extremely efficient and as speedy as ever. The staff were extremely helpful in getting me everything that I needed during my stay and I can’t thank them enough.

© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

Sophia: Would you return to Hilton Aventura Hotel when you are visiting Miami?

Jordan: Absolutely, I enjoyed my stay so much and I am super excited to go back.

© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

Sophia: What are your newest projects? Have you just completed any new projects? Or do you have new projects on the horizon?

Jordan: I’m currently working on a new album, as we’ve all experienced so much in the last year. Very similar to my last album, “Identity Crisis”, I plan to express my deepest feelings and experiences through the music.

Jordan Kristine Seamon on photoshoot lounging at the pool
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

I also just finished shooting my first movie, “Supercell” with Alec Baldwin, Anne Heche, Skeet Ulrich, and Daniel Diemer.

I have a few other projects in the works that I can’t reveal just yet but follow me to stay up to date on the latest.

Sophia: Do you have any performances or appearances coming up that our readers can look out for this year?

Jordan: I’ve just completed several music video features, and will be conducting several tiny desk performances with fans here in the USA and the UK.

Jordan Kristine Seamon on photoshoot at Hilton Miami Aventura
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

The other performances are pending, due to Covid, but once confirmed I will make those public as well.

Jordan Kristine Seamon on photoshoot in the pool
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

Sophia: We loved seeing you in Cassidy King’s latest music video for the song “Four In The Morning”. Can we expect to see your beautiful face in even more cool music videos when you begin releasing videos for your debut album “Identity Crisis”?

Jordan Kristine Seamon on photoshoot at Hilton Miami Aventura
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

Jordan: Thank you, and I had such a great time shooting it! Yes, I am planning to shoot other music videos this year for the “Identity Crisis” album now that the world is opening up again.

I can’t wait for people to see the concepts that I have come up with with my team. I expect that people will enjoy it and be able to resonate with the themes of the music video; and be reminded of the first time that they fell in love with “Identity Crisis”.

Jordan Kristine Seamon on photoshoot
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved


To book any of the Prestige Artists who’s work was featured in this editorial feel free to contact Prestige Artists Agency for bookings and requests.

Photographer: Phil Halfmann
Creative Director: Sophia Lenore
Hair Stylist: Simone Hylton
Makeup Artist: Joane Charles
Wardrobe Stylist: Ruthia Fuller
Nail Technician: Amber Johnson
Hair products by L’Oreal
Makeup products by Charlotte Tilbury Makeup
Jewelry by KONPLOTT
Location: HiltonAventuraMiami



  • Shirt: Neil Allyn
  • Loose Bow Tie: Luther Pike
  • Tied Bow Tie & Suspenders: Shein
  • Pants: Asos
  • Shoes: 100FIXEO
  • Glasses: Zenni


  • Suit: Asos
  • Tie: Croft & Barrow
  • Shoes: CAMSSOO


  • Suit: Asos
  • Shoes: Franco Sarto


  • Dress: Nordstrom
  • Shoes: Badgley Mischka


  • Swimsuit: Shein
  • Bow Tie: Men’s Warehouse
  • Belt: Vintage White House Black Market


  • Dress: Subin Hahn
  • Shoes: Genshuo

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