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Losing Weight: How To Do It & Get In Shape

Losing weight and getting in shape is two-dimensional: on the one hand is nutrition and on the other hand is working out.

The best results are achieved when both go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly, yet what you eat and put in your body is more significant.


Because when you workout for an hour you most likely won’t burn more than 1,000kcal but taking in 1,000kcal via food and drinks is easy and hence can offset any weight loss efforts.

In other words, if you workout but don’t adjust your eating habit you won’t see any results with respect to losing weight and getting in shape.

What’s the Answer to Losing Weight?

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Ok, so what do you need to do to support weight loss and body toning?

The answer is simple: stop eating out and prepare your own foods!


Because when you eat out a lot, which is what most people do due to time constraints and convenience, then you are trusting the restaurant to provide good quality foods, which is usually not the case because that’s not the goal of most restaurants

Their goal, generally speaking, is to maximize profits, which means for the most part that the food needs to taste delicious, which is being accomplished with the right mixture of sugar, fat, oil, salt, etc., which is all counterproductive to your efforts of losing weight and getting your body in shape.

Why Losing Weight Is Difficult For Many

Losing Weight: How To Do It & Get In Shape
Model: Shalisa West

In other words, the restaurant’s goal and your goal don’t coincide. If you want to make sure food tastes good then add sugar, fat, oil and salt and anything will taste awesome.

The right combination of sugar, fat, oil and salt is a science in itself that is used by many popular food chains to maximize revenue. You are basically being programmed to eat it.

How so?

On the one hand they bombard you with commercials and on the other hand they target your taste buds located in your mouth and on your tongue.

For example, you can think of certain foods and you’ll start salivating in your mouth – you just need it without knowing why. Now you know why that is – to maximize profits.

So, if you want to know, at least to a certain extent, what’s in your food start preparing it yourself and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be on the right path of losing weight and getting in shape.


Training Zone

In this section we provide you with some more workouts you may be interested in to optimize your training:

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