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‘We Are Who We Are’ Interview With Jordan Kristine Seamón – CANDID & DIVERSE

During the ‘We Are Who We Are’ interview Jordan Kristine Seamón sat down to chat with CANDID & DIVERSE’S Sophia Lenore to talk about Starzplay’s show.

‘We Are Who We Are’ Interview Summary

'We Are Who We Are’ interview with Jordan Kristine Seamón
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During the interview they talk about:

  • The challenges of playing such a complex character in the series, and if the experience or preparation for portraying the character had an affect on her life, personally or professionally.
  • What it was like working with Luca Guadagnino?
  • Which moments, scenes and episodes were the most impactful, life changing or difficult for Jordan to shoot?
  • How Jordan was able to prepare, cultivate and breath life into her character “Caitlyn” in order to make her feel real and genuine
  • What Jordan learned or gained from the portrayal of this character
  • Her thoughts on her performance. After watching her portrayal of the character, was there anything, or any scenes that shocked her with regards to her performance? Did she see anything in her acting or portrayal of the character “Caitlyn” that she didn’t know was in her?
  • If she had any out of body experiences while shooting or executing a scene?
  • If there were any moments when she just let her character take over – and if she was either shocked or impressed by her own acting?
  • Her music and her songwriting process

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