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“Leave the Door Open”: Single by Silk Sonic

Silky smooth duo comprised of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak leave the door open for a collaborative sound we didn’t know we needed.

COVER “Leave the Door Open”: Silky Smooth Single by Silk Sonic
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Silk Sonic, a newly formed duo comprised of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, debuted with their recently dropped single and music video, ‘Leave the Door Open,’ at midnight on Friday.

The instant hit was produced by Mars and D’Mile and written by Bruno, Anderson, D’Mile, and Brody Brown.

The R&B goddess Anita Baker gave the duo praises on Twitter, stating in her words, “That’s an old school love song.”

I agree it delivers vintage, sultry soul vibes laced with a buttery beat.
If this is how they are starting, I can’t wait to see or rather hear this project in its entirety.

When you have the Funkadelic master and bad-ass bassist Booty Collins (who beautifully named them) making an appearance on the album as teased in the ‘Silk Sonic Intro,’ you know you’re in for a treat. They’ve delivered and wet our palates.

“An Evening with Silk Sonic” is slated for release later this year. So, the door is open for more greatness and a few more body rolls.

In the meantime, this single will be making its way into the honorary Saturday cleaning sounds rotation. If you know, you know.

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