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Model Shoot For Your Starter Portfolio

The model shoot for your starter portfolio is a great way to kick off your modeling career. And we offer it at an affordable price!

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The model shoot for your starter portfolio is a great way to kick off your modeling career. You’ll get more tips and tricks from an experienced team to help you with your posing in front of the camera. 

And, of course, great pictures for your portfolio…all at an affordable price.

You have to start your career somewhere and the model shoot for your starter portfolio is a great way to kick it off. You’ll work with a team of professional artists in a fun & positive atmosphere.

Because you have professional artists helping you on your first journey, and they’ll share some of their tips & tricks, you’ll have a great foundation to hit the ground running. 

Some of the final images may be published in The Prestige Magazine for promotion, visibility, image/brand development and formal advertising for the model.

What To Expect During The Model Shoot

During the model shoot you are taught how to pose perfectly for the camera to produce the strongest and most attention grabbing images for your professional portfolio. 

The following article will give you more detailed information on what to expect & how it works:

Model Shoot: The Team

When you start out as a model it is helpful to work with an experienced team of professionals. 

My team consists of:

Photographer: Phil Halfmann

Phil Halfmann Vogue Photographer - Model Shoot
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

Creative Director: Sophia Lenore

A headshot of Sophia Lenore - Model Shoot
Sophia Lenore

For “wardrobe stylist” and “hair & makeup artist” we work with Prestige Artists. 

Previous Model Shoots In Miami

We have done numerous model shoots in Miami for various modeling agencies, for example:

New Face Models

We have worked with their New Face Models, such as:






Front Models

Rebecca Mardikes

Brisbane Johnson

Lyla Bragg

Manuella Passarin

Reinel Coto

Ryan Cook

Skye Rose


Next Models

Brianna Winders

Kelly O’Connor

Model Shoot Option

If you want to get started sooner than later take a look at our photoshoot option at an affordable price and contact the photographer:

Model Shoot Option
© Phil Halfmann | all rights reserved

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