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YVON: R&B Artist With a Mix of Soul

YVON: R&B artist whose music is a mix of Soul and R&B, roaming wild & free which is the foremost attraction of her tunes…listen to her latest release ‘Run’.

Yvon’s new track feature Dekar is the perfect summer mood. The music video set on the beautiful beaches of Carpe Verde overlooking the horizon reminding us of better times when the beauty of nature was well accessible to everyone.

Yvon gives us getaway vibes in her lyrics, hinting at “running away,” to paradise, to a “better” place, to freedom and liberation.

One would say that these lyrics call out to the feelings of oppression and restraining of black women in the high flying world. When asked about the single, Yvon stated:

“in my song ‘Run’ ft Dekar, I express the feeling of not belonging and wanting to escape to paradise with a lover where we can be free. As much as I enjoy being a professional model and part of the fashion industry, music is my true passion and way of communicating with the world.”

YVON: The Writer

As a front runner (no pun intended) in the major fashion runaways of the world, collaborating with forward fashion brands like, Victoria Beckham, Maison Margiela, Matches Fashion, Selfridges and Topshop, Yvon is a popular face in the fashion industry.

But Yvon finds her therapy, seclusion and relaxation from the everyday stress of her life in her music.

She says she got into writing out her feelings through poetry at the age of 7 following the death of her dad, which developed into the art of penning lyrics at a later of stage of her life, as she grew inspiration and were mainly influenced by her brothers who would jam out lyrics around her house.

YVON R&B Artist With a Mix of Soul
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YVON: R&B Artist

Yvon’s music is a mix of Soul and Rnb, not contained but roaming wild and free which is the foremost attraction of her tunes.

Drawing musical artistry from her idols, Rnb legends, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo and Jasmine Sullivan, Yvon’s music calls out to the inner corners of the listener’s soul.

The last two years particularly have witnessed bomb performances from Yvon namely at Sofar Sounds HQ, Keakie, UN:HURD and The Hospital Club which has garnered her acclaim from trendsetting sites like Dazed and HighSnobiety.

YVON R&B Artist With a Mix of Soul
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“Run”, is a dynamic chi, melancholy, sweet, lonely but strong at the same moment. It takes the listener on a path of bittersweet nostalgia.

This track is a must hear for everyone who needs a break from the quarantine vision and well, who doesn’t need that? You can stream/buy “RUN”…just click on the picture above.



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