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The Black Woman: The Jewel of Earth

The black woman is the jewel of the earth! Don’t think so? There are at least 5 good arguments in favor…

When God moulded the skies, the seas, the creatures and the land, God had a secret. He, the sculptor, took pride in creating his masterpiece, The Black Woman in whom He blended his secret mix of manna; sugar, spice and everything nice.

He didn’t say a word. Shush. He just left his priced work to be uncovered by the rest and to recognize her for what she is, His one pride and joy, His worst kept secret because her beauty, her power, her radiance and her aura could never be diminished and kept under wraps.

Hey there, you wonderful girl, God’s favourite, handmade in his workshop, cushioned in a golden cocoon and smuggled into your mother’s womb in the dead of the night. You’ve grown to be an envy, a show stealer, a crowd charmer, the heart and soul of his canvas; He’s so proud of you.

The Black Woman: The Jewel of Earth by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

It’s disheartens Him when you sometimes belittle the power He enriched you with, the strength He embodied your soul with, the stamina He created your being to cherish.

He wishes you could refresh your settings and go back to when He explicitly made you recite His mantra while you sat in His workshop watching Him at work, “I am beautiful, I am smart and I am capable.” No? It doesn’t ring any bells? Allow me his special messenger today to tickle your brain folds.

Why are you special, did you ask? Take a peak at the tip of the iceberg.

1) Black Women Are Trendsetters – The Jewel of Earth

The Black Woman: The Jewel of Earth by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

Hoop earrings? Full hips? Tan? Braids? Everything that looks to be the “hip” culture of the modern era traces back to one outstanding source, the creator of the statement, The Black Woman.

How does it feel to know that everyone out there is trying to replicate yourself, perhaps spending vast fortunes to own a fraction of the zest you were privileged with? Feel like royalty yet?

2) Black Women Overtake the Rhythm of Music and Dance

by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

If you, like me, have been to a party where their idea of dancing was to pump their fists in the air and jump high as if training for the Olympics, then you, like me would have emerged thanking God for not building you rigid like a cardboard box (while trying desperately to keep yourself from rolling your eyes).

It is safe to say, a party is always THE place to be, if it is hosted by a Black Woman or even a church service because that Sunday is going to be shook by a lit choir. You got that right sista, we have no space to entertain boring.

3) Black Women Cook the Best Food

by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

I took mama’s food for granted until I traveled the world and experienced first hand “seasoned” food with a dusting of salt and pepper. Ah, mama, I never appreciated you more.

It takes you a turn around the world to introduce you to the fact that you got soul food at home not because you have pledged loyalty to your people but because the food of our culture prepared by our Queens can never be beaten anywhere hands down.

It’s all comfort and soothing wrapped in delicacies with a side of pure luxury.

4) Black Women Own the Best Physiques

The Black Woman: The Jewel of Earth by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

Long before Kim K shed floodlights on the hourglass figure, The Black Woman has been an epitaph of the textbook feminine figure. Thankful for God given features, we have never been in want for additional inflation of any physical attributes.

Now, how many people can say that for themselves especially when the plastic surgery industry is bowling high off its rocker making money off individuals wishing to clone Black Women features?

5) Black Women Age Gracefully – The Jewel of Earth

The Black Woman: The Jewel of Earth by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

We are timeless like God planned his masterpiece to be. Forty years later and we would still look like an intricate porcelain piece someone just brought out of its case from the manufacturer. We carry on our beauty and our fine health through an elastic stretch of time.

Do you still need convincing?

The Black Woman is royalty of the human race. Life originated from her and she lives and breathes wisdom, riches, abundance, joy and nourishment. If at any point you begin to disclaim your existence as a Black Woman, ask yourself, are other people really leading joyous lives not being born black?

Or are they wishing they were you every single day?

The Black Woman: The Jewel of Earth by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

Credits: The Black Woman – The Jewel of Earth

Written by zoomaburst
Photographer: Phil Halfmann ⠀
Creative & Art Director: Sophia Lenore
Lead Hair & Makeup: Sophia Lenore ⠀
Lead Wardrobe Stylist: Sophia Lenore⠀
Assistant Wardrobe Stylist: Yui Iida⠀⠀
Prop Stylist: Zoe Steinberger
Wig Stylist: Jackie
Photography Assistant: Amir Sadeghi
Model: MJ
Jewelry by KONPLOTT

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