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Are You A God?

Are you a god? Can you apologize? Do you appreciate honesty? These are questions that deserve answers…maybe you can provide them and achieve some form of enlightenment.

In the world nowadays you are surrounded by individuals who are infallible – they simply ooze perfection 24 hours a day all year around. Not only do they know everything but they also know everything better than anybody else.

There are 2 sides to the story. On the one hand there is fuck the professionals who are doing it for a living…I know best. And then there is another perspective…I’m the professional and you are the dumb client…I know best, you have to do as I command, don’t question my authority! Why? Because I know it all, I’m a God…worship me!

Cover picture for Are You A God by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | | all rights reserved

Either way, based on what accomplishments do these Gods justify exuding such behavior? What significant acts have they accomplished or achieved that deserve such devotion and respect? Did they make extraordinary things happen all by themselves…without the support of others…like a true American Dream God / Goddess? Does their shit not stink…what makes them so special?

When a conflict arises the “fault” is always solely committed by the other party – it’s like an automated response by default, like an autoimmune defensive response to make oneself feel better and/or superior, to almost achieve God like status…how dare you criticize me…I’m never wrong…I’m perfect…it must be my way or the high way…I’m God, who is you? How dare you question my authority?

Are You A God? Find Out!

by Phil Halfmann | | all rights reserved

How do you know if you have a “God Complex” or not? There is one significant thing that will reveal the answer and the following questions will help you find it…the purpose is to stimulate thoughts…hopefully:

What happened to humility, accountability and/or self reflection? Do you know what empathy is and can you be empathetic or are you a member of the I-Society who are solely concerned with themselves?

What happened to looking in the mirror first and contemplating what you can do better before pointing the finger and criticizing others? Has this thought ever entered your brain and can you act accordingly?

Are You A God by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | | all rights reserved

Has it ever occurred to you that your actions may have caused a negative response because you didn’t show respect and/or hurt someone’s feelings? Or do you think people just lash out at you because they are crazy?

What happened to the notion of “one hand washes the other…and both hands wash the face”? Are you really perfect all the time…no? Are you sure?

When was the last time you acknowledged your imperfections by apologizing to someone or someone apologized to you and it was truly meant…a sincere apology? Have you ever received a sincere apology in your life or are you one of the Gods who is also just surrounded by more Gods?

If you never uttered a sincere apology then you truly must be a God – a perfect being that deserves to be worshipped by all. Thank you, your Majesty!


by Phil Halfmann | | all rights reserved

But it doesn’t stop there! You are in your late 20’s / early 30’s, with a collage degree and 3 month internship experience now looking for a job and somehow, in your mind, you deserve the following:

  • $60,000 per year salary
  • 4 to 6 weeks paid vacation
  • paid sick days
  • healthcare package
  • retirement package
  • maternity leave & job protection
  • the employer must convince you to work for him…he must create/provide an oasis, a heavenly work environment, where everybody feels perfect, respected and has access to everything

Based on what? What have you accomplished to deserve this package right out of college? Do you think employers just waited for you to submit your application to work for them? What makes you so special? You must be a God…a junior God at least!

by Phil Halfmann | | all rights reserved

Do you understand that in many countries & career opportunities, the USA included, you have to be in (upper) management of a larger corporation to have this kind of status?

If you live and want to work in rich countries like Germany or Switzerland for example, what makes you think you deserve this? What makes you better than, let’s say, people from South-America, Africa, or Asia for example?

Why is it okay for the “average” American to have 2-3 jobs to make ends meet but not for you? Do you have a “Golden Dick” that pisses gold or can you shit diamonds? What makes you think you deserve to be treated like an endangered species?

The Artist God

by Phil Halfmann | | all rights reserved

Let’s say you consider yourself an expert hairstylist that can do extraordinary looks nobody can replicate…you are it…a hairstylist unicorn…an Artist God.

What makes you so special that you can’t show up on-time? Or that you can disappear from set so that 3 hours past your call time no looks are finished and the model is not ready to shoot? Why are you wasting everybody’s time and the CLIENT’s MONEY and think someone owes you an apology?

by Phil Halfmann | | all rights reserved

Why do you think everything & everybody needs to revolve around you? Why do you think unprofessional behavior by a supporting team member should be tolerated by people who matter and deserve respect, such as the celebrity and client who pays you?

What makes you think you are not replaceable? What is it that makes you think people, whether they are more accomplished then you or not, should talk to you and treat you with respect when you treated them with disrespect first?

Why can’t you understand the universal principle of “every action causes a reaction” or, in simpler terms, “don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you!” – Eddie Griffin

Do You Appreciate Honesty?

by Phil Halfmann | | all rights reserved

Another indicator whether you truly are a God or not is how you handle honesty.

Why can’t people talk straight to you and share their honest option when they react to something you “messed up”? For example, when the client voices their frustration to you without using profane language nor a “threatening” tone of voice when you finally meet or converse 3 hours late for a scheduled & confirmed business meeting without even starting the call/meeting with an apology?

Why is it that you simply cannot confess to yourself and others that you messed up and deal with the consequences like the God that you are?

I leave you with a jewel of wisdom from one of the greatest – George Carlin:

George Carlin 1975 (Little David Records) Publicity
Little David Records, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

“Everyone appreciates your honesty, until you are honest with them, then you are an asshole!” – George Carlin


Written by Phil Halfmann
Photographer: Phil Halfmann⠀⠀
Creative Director: Sophia Lenore⠀⠀
Wardrobe Styling: Sophia Lenore
Lead Hair & Makeup: Sophia Lenore⠀⠀
Hair & Makeup Assistant & Nails: Amber Johnson
Models: Gaelle & Hope
Jewelry by KONPLOTT
Music “Life is Tough” by Text Me Records / Grandbankss & TrueArtRealAffectionPart4 by Noir Et Blanc Vie

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