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Importance of Buying Black: Why It Is Vital To Patronize Black Brands

Importance of Buying Black: find out why is it exceptionally vital to patronize Black brands and what impact Buying Black has on the Black community!

Importance of Buying Black by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

As we gain on the anticipated uprising 2020, black entrepreneurs are flaring up their names in neon lights across the calendar of 2019. From high-end luxury labels to regular domestic artifacts, Black Owned Brands are hightailing right into the nub of demand and we’ve never been more gratified!

We honor the pinnacle of the dispersal of diverse proprietorship of commerce following a prolonged grapple for equality in the economic upswing and this is no attainment to be disregarded nor de-emphasized.

Having said that, it ushers us to the focal point of our powwow today, the prominence of amplified patron support as a Black Community to the Black Trademarks that has broken barriers and established a monumental legacy for generations to come.

Importance of Buying Black by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

Importance of Buying Black – Why is it Exceptionally Vital to Patronize Black Brands?

Foremost it necessitates a community mind-set in replacement of an individual viewpoint to confront the particular issue in question. Preceding it demands a capacity to survey beyond the present moment in time to the broad view of futurity.

Halt to deliberate the succeeding storyline: A time ahead where Black Brands dominate the global market.

Fundamentally that would signify an affluent Black Community all-inclusive.

Importance of Buying Black by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

Importance of Buying Black – How?

Innumerable Black Owned Brands would promote an employment surplus for the entire Black Community. Excessive surplus of profits would exponentially proportionate to superior payment plans for its employees which in turn would upgrade the gross standard of living in the households.

Additionally philanthropic campaigns equivalent to charitable organizations, donations and scholarships materialize with a pronounced percentage of out of the red individuals in the community that would clinch ambition and triumph for the disadvantaged brothers and sisters of the circle.

Importance of Buying Black by Phil Halfmann
by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

Moreover Black Owned companies are intensely paramount in the way of representation of well-being and fortune of Black individuals to youthful black students pursuing internships and on-the-job trainings that would inaugurate a soaring impression of a knockout mind-set in them. And a “If he can, I can do too” perspective principally with Black role models to hold in esteem.

Status Quo

Let’s backtrack to the contemporary state of affairs.

Dissimilar wealth distribution in the world at large has concocted oppression of minorities. To terminate this unfortunate phenomenon and boost the Black Race firmly aloft we are compelled to not just shepherd our wealth in par with others but overturn the inimical outlook of concentrated wealth distribution, disintegrate financial hierarchies and micromanage cash flow.

by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

Purchasing of non-black brands coaxes volunteered surge of financial density of other races while subsiding the monetary policy of the Black race. Thus solo “buying black” will safeguard the lock up of black wealth within the gates of the black community.

Power surfaces in wealth. A race that is macroscopically opulent is a powerful race. A race that cannot crumble under superficial pressure.

Furthermore, Black Owned trade names rapaciously actuates supplemental Black individuals to infiltrate the shoes of entrepreneurs themselves with rigid credence that their trades and crafts will sustain evermore validated with the reliable patronage of their own community if by nobody else.

by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

In due course, the consumer’s abiding backing would license these brands to not just take over the economic growth of the nation but conceivably the world and that would exalt the Black Race steep above the rest in all of history.

Envisage an existence of notably Black Owned schools, hospitals, grocery shops, airlines, railway lines, restaurants and so on, who would be the significant contenders of the economic bubble.

by Phil Halfmann | © all rights reserved

We would no longer have to entertain reports of being maltreated at office bases, being told our hair is unprofessional or come victim of racism. We could ultimately operate in a clique making our own rules and celebrating our own culture.

Let’s build this dream together. Support black brands above others. Say yes to a life of financial freedom! Do you want that?


Written by Zoomaburst
Photographer: Phil Halfmann ⠀
Creative & Art Director: Sophia Lenore
Lead Hair & Makeup: Sophia Lenore 
Lead Wardrobe Stylist: Sophia Lenore
Wardrobe Stylist: Yui Iida
Makeup Artist: Guerdy Casimir⠀
Hair Stylist: Besie Jide-Pedro⠀
Photography Assistant: Florencia Babese & Amir Sadeghi

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