Turning Your Pain onto the Pen COVER

Turning Your Pain Onto The Pen

Turning Your Pain onto the Pen with Sarah Carmele McGriff, Melanated Conversations Episode 67, is about her life as a creative!

Sarah Carmele McGriff is a full-time registered nurse who, in addition to having a passion for helping people, always had a passion for writing. Her aspirations include being a screenwriter as well as a movie director.

In her first novel, Mind Under Troubled Waters, Sarah takes you on an adventure with Big T juggling his desire to join the NBA like his dad and his need to understand his autistic brother, Manny.

“Who” by Sophia Lenore

Am I my Sister’s keeper?

Am I my Brother’s keeper?

If I am not, Who is?

Who will lift me up?

Who will lift them up?

When we are all seeking love & support,

Without extending love & support,

Who is there to provide it?

But why does this Who person that’s coming to keep Us, uplift Us and support Us, love Us more than We love Us?

And how long are we willing to collectively wait on this “Dr. Who” to come save Us while We continue to die mentally, spiritually and physically?

Am I my Sister’s keeper?

Am I my Brother’s keeper?

I am NOT, because I am my Sister and I am my Brother – Who is within me and We keep each other!

Turning Your Pain Onto The Pen Summary

Turning Your Pain onto the Pen quote
by Melanated Conversations

 What you’ll learn:

  • How being a cardiac nurse led her to write her book.
  • Why taking care of your emotional and mental needs is just as important as taking care of your physical needs.
  • What motivated Sarah to create a production company

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