A Mouthful of Wisdom

During the “A Mouthful of Wisdom” podcast with Sheriese Ferguson we conversate about the percentage of dentists that are minorities and more.

Sheriese Ferguson knows oral health is overall health. From a young age, her parents taking her to the dentist regularly made a lasting impression. She knew then she wanted to work in dental health.

“Oral Manifestations” by Sophia Lenore

To my melanated family

My Black and Brown people – My minorities

Why are we so misguided and ignorant to what’s really important?

Where are our priorities?

We must take responsibility for our own health and well being – while simultaneously dismantling the institutional racism within the healthcare system – we must make a fuss!

Because ‘the powers that be’ are on a covert mission to kill you, me & us!

Dental health disparities continue to have detrimental effects on the Black and Brown communities – causing sever health problems and even death.

Your mouth is apart of your body – So oral hygiene is a vial part of your overall health.

Bacteria, infections and disease can build up and invade your bloodstream through your mouth with every breath.

So we must remain vigilant while taking accountability and responsibility for our health & oral hygiene – which is tremendously more important than our hair

Our skin

Our nails

Our eyebrows

And our fashion obsessions

We must reprioritize our lives to focus on what’s most important – this includes placing your health before vanity and material possessions.

This includes remaining educated and well versed

This includes putting your life & health first…

A Mouthful of Wisdom Podcast Summary

A Mouthful of Wisdom Quote
by Melanated Conversations

In this episode, we conversate about:

  1. The percentage of dentists that are minorities
  2. The correlation of oral and heart health
  3. How your medical history presents itself in your mouth

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