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TT x Raph Interview

During the TT x Raph Interview they talk about the significance of various songs, why they were pursuing the same girl & who did the music video concepts for their songs…we also have a special release for you!

TT x Raph Interview Overview

Following is a quick overview of the TT x Raph interview:

  • At first, we introduce TT & Raph to the audience and provide some background info before we get into their music.
  • Then we talk in more detail about a few of their songs, such as “Brumtown” or “The List”…and what the girl is waiting on in “Wait”.
  • Raph announces a special new music video release and you can find out how to connect with them on social media.

Show some love & get the new song:





Interview by Sophia Lenore
Producer: Phil Halfmann
Pictures, music & music videos courtesy of Ruff Town Entertainment

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