Clean Beauty for Black Girls and Women: Podcast

Clean Beauty for Black Girls and Women podcast with Hannah McCall, Melanated Conversations Episode 68, is about clean beauty!

Hannah McCall stumbled into clean beauty when she was introduced to Beautycounter. It exposed her to a world of information about the beauty industry & the lack of regulation surrounding our personal care products.

Especially as black women. She created Clean Beauty for Black Girls because more than 75% of the products marketed to black women contain ingredients known to be harmful or potentially dangerous.

Hannah McCall has built her brand on the following belief: “We deserve the truth because our health matters”!

“Toxic Beauty” by Sophia Lenore

Do you know what’s in it?
Do you even care?

Hence – do you love yourself?
Value your health – nurture & protect every melanated cell?

Or is it just hair?

Failure to educate yourself about products you put on, or in your body will leave you with burdens to bear. Like early on-set puberty, fibroids, cysts, and more aggressive cancers – in our community none of this is rare.

Poor choice of food & beauty products can be our deadliest culprits – or did you think Black specific malignancies & diseases just came from the air?

We must remain vigilant as Black consumers in a White centered beauty industry. An industry that has yet to uphold a standard of care that is inclusive to the benefit & health of Black women.

So, shouldn’t you know what’s in it?
Your life could depend on it.

The truth is whatever you place on your skin, or in your body ends up in your bloodstream. So, making the connection between healthcare and beauty care is about protecting your self – nothing extreme.

So, let’s educate ourselves, choose better products, demand regulations and make vigilant brand awareness the new mainstream.

Clean Beauty for Black Girls and Women

Clean Beauty for Black Girls and Women quote
by Melanated Conversations

What you’ll learn:

  • How Hannah becoming a wine ambassador led her to create sustainable change in the beauty industry
  • What transitioned this former tomboy to speak to Congress about beauty products
  • The exposure to black women in the beauty industry

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