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The Getting Your Writing Game Up podcast with Quiana Darden is all about the way you become a successful copywriter.

Descendants Of Freedom’s Journal by Sophia Lenore

Where are our Black voices?

Voices of intellectual, financial, and spiritual freedom – for which we bled & fought?

Did they just disappear with united Black consciousness and progressive Black thought?

Who is writing for us?

Where are our Black journalists?

Our Black media armies – and brave woke writers that swing their pens like a mighty sword?

Where are the descendants of “Freedom’s Journal”? 

The first Black newspaper launched in the 1820’s – when our voices roared!

Who’s ensuring that we’re protected & well represented?

Who will personify my voice?

Your voice

Our voice?

While writing stories about Black joy, Black camaraderie and how we uniquely congregate to rejoice!

We need and depend on Black writers

Black researchers 

And Black commentators to fight the multitude of covert wars waged against us. 

Our stories & experiences are beautiful and vast – collectively we’ve healed from trauma –and have evolved our past. 

So, calling all young Black voices equipped with ready pens – to write stories that highlight Black excellence, perseverance & health awareness en masse – because we’ve progressed past stories of “The Back of The Bus”.

And now we need Black voices that represent Me as We – They as Us.

– Pan Africa

Getting Your Writing Game Up Summary

Quote from Getting Your Writing Game Up
by Melanated Conversations

In this episode, we conversate about:

  1. Quiana’s journey from side hustle to full time copywriter
  2. What does she do if she hits the dreaded “writer’s block”
  3. Why it’s important to develop your marketing and strategy systems to run your business

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