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‘Going Public’: New Series with Youngest Female Stockbroker

‘Going Public’ is a 10-part digital series featuring 26-year-old pioneer Wall Street stockbroker Lauren Simmons. The debut is in Spring 2021.


Black History month may be drawing near a close, but Black girl magic is here to stay. This spring, a new series featuring the youngest-ever female Wall-Street stockbroker Lauren Simmons will hit our digital airwaves.

If you’re new to Lauren Simmons, allow me a moment to put you on game.

Lauren Simmons, Host of Going Public headshot
Lauren Simmons, Host of Going Public

“Lauren Simmons is an American former stock trader for Rosenblatt Securities. On March 6, 2017, at age 22, she became the youngest and only current full-time female trader at the New York Stock Exchange.

She also became the second African American woman in the Exchange’s 228-year history to have such a position.” – source Wikipedia

As I’ve said, she’s the epitome of Black girl magic.

Going Public

First Lady Melania Trump at the New York Stock Exchange
First Lady Melania Trump at the New York Stock Exchange by Trump White House Archived

In the new series, Going Public, everyday Americans will have a chance to invest in Reg A+ Initial Public Offerings (IPO). Simmons launched the show to promote diversity in the sector.

It will offer a shark-tank-style feel while providing an interactive component allowing viewers to invest in the companies they follow.

Simmons will lead the charge in guiding viewers in analyzing the potential risks and rewards as they act on investment opportunities.

The series will debut on Entrepreneur.com’s digital platform and be available on Facebook Watch, YouTube, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.

About the Author

Yana Reynolds
Yana Reynolds

Yana is a literary artist and avid podcaster using her superpower of writing and storytelling to connect to the heart of people.

As the co-host of the Melanated Conversations podcast, she holds space for the amplification of Black women’s voices. With listeners spanning over 80 countries, she honors the transformative narratives of Black women around the globe.

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