Friendship’s Paths: Podcast

Have you heard of the friendship effect? Friendship’s Paths with Sophia Lenore, Melanated Conversations Episode 69, is about friendship!

Sophia Lenore is an Executive Producer, she is also the founder and creative director of Prestige Artists, Prestige Models and Prestige Magazine!

Sophia is a true artist from New York who is a celebrity hair and make-up artist and has worked with the likes of Oribe, Billy B., Brad Pitt, Eve Mendes, Uzo Aduba and so many others!

Friendship's Paths podcast and a portrait of Sophia Lenore
Sophia Lenore

Friendship’s Paths

Friendship's Paths podcast, episode 69, with Sophia Lenore and Melanated Conversations
by Melanated Conversations

What you’ll learn:

  • How friendships change as your life transitions
  • The friendship effect
  • Friendships mirroring inner problems

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