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Squale: KAZAAM Single Review

Squale – KAZAAM Single Review: Multi-platinum producer and artist Squale drops his first offering of 2021.

Squale KAZAAM Single Review
by Squale | all rights reserved

Prepare to make your body rock, when you hear the infamous “Cheffing up like Squale Ya” tag before the beat drops.

Known for his futuristic melodic hard-hitting sound, Squale aka Chef Pasquale is a multi-platinum producer and artist. He has cooked up sounds with various artists such as Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Drake, Young Thug, and Giggs.

Squale KAZAAM Single Review in pink
by Squale | all rights reserved

Hailing from New York, he is carving a new lane and heating the scene with his latest dish (single) ‘Kazaam’. The single is featuring a bouncy flow drizzled over a trap heavy beat.  

The single follows his 2020 releases such as ‘Can’t Feel Love’ and ‘Slap’. Both hit over 1million streams on Spotify. 

Squale KAZAAM Single Review in yellow
by Squale | all rights reserved

Speaking on ‘Kazaam,’ Squale says:

‘So I wrote this song coming off always being paranoid after having a near-death experience, being sliced across my neck and stabbed in the chest. So this track is kind of just saying how I have the “always looking over my shoulder feeling” not out of fear but in the realm of protection’.

Squale KAZAAM Single Cover
Download the Single

Squale combines influences from both the UK music scene and America, creating a sonically crisp product, whilst maintaining his elegantly authentic sound.  

No stranger to putting in hard work, the multi-faceted artist has the ingredients to take 2021 by the reigns.

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