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COOPS “Crimes Against Creation” Album Review

During COOPS “Crimes Against Creation” album review we address a few of his songs, such as “Laws Of Nature” or “Boom Biddy Bye” before we share our final verdict!

Coops is a rapper with a poignant message that encourages you to aim for a higher understanding of self and the world around you. His lyrics and songs challenges the listener to see through celebrity culture, the entertainment industry and fake rappers…

Laws Of Nature” is the first single and form Coops highly anticipated studio album “Crimes Against Creation”. The album dropped July 9th and the project is a breath of fresh air. Compared to the usual endless banter of materialism, sex and violence perpetuated by what’s considered mainstream rap.

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COOPS: What Sets Him Apart

What makes Coops different form the pack is that he’s a rapper that sees himself as a social commentator. Coops continuously draws inspiration from everything around him and he’s feeling even more inspired than ever!

The 8-track project, which was made in just 4 studio sessions, is unlike Coops’ usual 14+ track albums both he and his fans have become used to. He turned the album around in record time to ensure his music was released during an unparalleled time in history.

COOPS “Crimes Against Creation” album review
COOPS by Emerald East Records

COOPS “Laws Of Nature”

First single released from the “Crimes Against Creation” album is “Laws Of Nature”. The track is a spiritual masterpiece that will stimulate the opening of your 3rd eye.

The beat is eerily, yet positively reminiscent of old grooves by A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, or The Jungle Brothers. The message in “Laws Of Nature” gives me Kendrick Lamar, Common, or Erykah Badu vibes. That awakens the senses. Great track!

Coops flow and lyrical bars on “Laws Of Nature” are so on point and exactly what’s needed right now! While the world witnesses the persistence & bravery demonstrated by protesters in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the return of The Black Panthers.

I can’t help but notice that most of the music being release doesn’t seem to reflect, or acknowledge the necessary change taking place during these historical times.

COOPS “Crimes Against Creation” album review
COOPS by Emerald East Records

There’s a need for more enlightened rappers, singers and commentators. Social commentators like Coop are needed because they wake up the people by shining a light in the darkness with their voice.

This can help strengthen & perpetuate the movement towards positive results in police reform and the removal of laws that uphold bias towards minority groups. The release of “Crimes Against Creation” is the perfect contribution.

COOPS “Boom Biddy Bye”

“Boom Biddy Bye” has a very smooth beat & flow. On this track Coops spits with a reggae undertone while out to destroy and separate himself from the average rapper, especially fake rappers.

The song has a lot to say about the gentrification of rap and what it means to actually be the person you advertise to the world.

When Coops says “Who gentrified this whole rap thing?” he could be referring to this era of ultra fake personas and the acceptance of rap ghostwriters.

COOPS “Crimes Against Creation” album review
COOPS by Emerald East Records

COOPS “Factory Reared”

On the track “Factory Reared” Coops talks about fake rappers and the loss of respect for the industry & the rap game. “Factory Reared” shines a light on public personas verses private personas as it pertains to rappers in the industry, which reveals a lot of truths.

The Bottom Line

“Crimes Against Creation” is an honest yet powerful body of work – it features tracks that resonate with the times. Coops’ dope smooth flow & strong bars lure you in and forces you to listen to each track’s deeper meaning.

One of my favorite tracks on “Crimes Against Creation” is “Laws Of Nature”. I was feeling this song for many reasons; one of those reasons is because of the songs hook:

“Could see me as a threat to humanity, or the savior. Made under perfect duality, check the flavor.”

Now that’s tight! Yet also deep…check our Coops full album to tell us your thoughts about the album!

COOPS “Crimes Against Creation” album review
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COOPS “Crimes Against Creation” Credits

Written by Sophia Lenore
Editor: Phil Halfmann
Pictures, music & music videos courtesy of Emerald East Records

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