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The Final Days Of Summer

Summers in Germany can be unpredictable to say the least. In Germany, long, hot and beautiful summers are rare, so Berliners take what they can get and revel in it!

Berliners don’t get discouraged by their spotty summers. Instead they take advantage of every warm day they can get by spending the day with friends and loved ones at parks, lakes, and on rooftop terraces. This is also true for summertime fashion in Berlin!

The Final Days Of Summer
by Phil Halfmann

The most frustrating thing for a fashionista during the summer is buying cute, summer-friendly outfits that can’t be worn due to spotty, unpredictable weather. This is such a bummer!

However, we are here to educate you on how you can still put a cute summer outfit to good use while braving those bio-polar German summers.

The Final Days Of Summer
by Phil Halfmann

Styling Tips

  1. Layer it up! But leave room for the unveiling! Don’t be afraid to wear your cute summer outfits during unexpected chilly summer days.
  2. Wear your tank top, or short sleeve shirt underneath a trendy blazer. Just make sure your ensemble is still smoking hot even without the blazer.
  3. Leave your house all business on the outer layer of your outfit, but be ready to unveil your summertime flyness underneath!
  4. You can also keep it extra cute by wearing a shirt-dress over jeans. The jeans can be removed and put into a cute mid-sized purse if it gets warmer throughout the course of the day!

Now that’s how you be fashionably prestigious!



Photographer: Phil Halfmann
Art Director: Sophia Lenore
Model: @alexandrabrechlin on IG
Hair Stylist: Alesya M
Makeup Artist: @juliaferber.makeupartist on IG
Wardrobe Stylist: Lauren Craig & @dperte on IG

Wardrobe by SouthEmbassy Berlin



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